Feellife 10ml E-Liquid

Feellife 10ml E-Liquid
Regular E-Liquid Paper packages e liquid 10ml
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Feellife 10ml E-Liquid

Regular E-Liquid Paper packages e liquid 10ml

more than 1,000 flavors

Flavorlist as below:

Tobacco SeriesFruits SeriesHerbs SeriesHealth Care & Functional Series
1234 Dji Sam Soe (ID SOE)1Almond1Betel nut1American ginseng
2Antique Holmes(Old holborn)2Apple top152Black Tea top92Angelica
3Ark Royal(AR Yal)3Apple Blackcurrant top393Breath Freshener3Chrysanthemum
4B&H(UK Gold) top284Apple Icy Mint4Buttered Popcorn4Chuanbei Sydney 
5Beat Blend(Drum)5Apple Mint top465ButterRum5Coenzyme Q10
6Benson(UK Silver)6Apple Pie6Cappuccino top276Cordyceps
7Berry Tob    7Apricot7Caramel Mocha top487Cubilose
8Black Devil(Dark Devil)8Banana top248Cheesecake8Energy Drink top14
9Black Tobacco ( Dark Tobacco)9Banana Chocolate9Clove9Flax
10Blended(Mixed)10Banana Split10Cocoa10Frangipani
11Cabin (Japan Blend)11Banana Vanilla11Doublemint top711Ginseng
12Camel(Desert) top1912Berry12Dr Pepper (Pepper Cola)12Goji berry
13Canadian (Canad-Cig)13Black Cherry13Energy Drink Mint13Honeysuckle
14 Royal Black14Black Currant top1814Eucalyptus14Polygonum UFA 
15Carmen(Karelia)15Black Ice15Eucalyptus Mint15Vitamin A
16Caster (Custer )16Black Walnut16Fennel16Vitamin B
17Cecil Cigarette17Blackberry top3617Ginger17Vitamin C
18Chesterfield(cfield)18Blackcurrant Mint18Gingerbread18Vitamin D
19CigarCig19Blueberry top1319Green Mint19Vitamin E
20CigarCherry20Blueberry Icy Mint20Green Tea 
21Cocoa Havana Blend (Coco& Havana)21Bubble Gum top2121HoneyChinese Tobacco Series
22Cohiba(Cuban cigar)22Butterscotch top4422Ice Mint top31Baisha (Whitesha)
23Davidoff (Dorlf)23Caramel23Jasmine2Changbaishan
24Denmark Judge24Caramel Apple24Lavender3China (China Cig)
25Djarum Super (Gardam)25Cheese25Liquorice4Furo( the lotus king)
26Doff Gold(Daviduf(gold))26Cherry top426Menthol top55Furongwang(Diamond)
27Dunhill(Deluxe Tobacco)27Cherry Apple27Mint Top26Haorizi
28Esse(Korean Blend)28Cherry Icy Mint28Mocha7Honghe (Redhe)
29Falling Rain (Rain)29Cherry Menthol29Mung Bean8Hongjinlong
30Flavorless(no flavor)30Chocolate top3330Oats 9Hongshuangxi
31French Pipe31Chocolate Cream31Osmanthus Fragrans10Hongtashan
32Golden Leaf32Cinnamon32Peppermint top3511Huangguoshu(goodtree)
33Golden Virginia
(Smooth Tobacco) top20
33Coconut33Raspberry Mint top2312Huanghelou
34Green Marlboro(Green USA Mix)34CoolMint Gum  34Red Bean13Liqun
35Gudang Garam (Gudang)35Cotton Candy top2235Rose14Longlife
36H&B (H.B)36Crab-apple36Rosemary15Ruyan (Ryan)
37Hilton ( Five Star)37Cranberry37Rum Grapes Ice Cream16RY4
38Honey Tobacco
(Honey Toasted Tobacco)
38Cream38Spearmint top4217Sequoia (Cnhss)
39Hope (Wish)39Cream Coffee39Spicy Ice     18Suyan
40Kent(KITTEN)40Cream Peanut40Star anise top4019Wuyeshen
41King’s favourites (King’s Best )41Dark Plum41Strawberry Cheese20Yunyan (Cloud)
42Kool (Cool)42Double Apple top3442Strawberry Romanocake21Yuxi
43Krongthip (Thaikrong)43Fruit Chocolate43Strong Licorice22Zhongnanhai
(Real Red Tab’ ) top25
44Fruit Mix Mint44Strong Mint  
45Lark (Luck)45Functional Grape45Tutti-Frutti top37  
46Lucky Strike(Fortune Strike )46Granny Smith46Vanilla top12  
47Luminous MarkBlue
(M&L Blue)
47Grape top1047Vanilla Cappuccino  
48Luminous Mark(Green)
(M&L Green)
48Grape Fruit48Vanilla Mint  
49Luminous MarkRed
(M&L Red)
49Grape Mint    
50Marlboro Black Menthol
(Black Menthol USA Mix)
50Green Apple top45Liquo Series  
51Marlboro Crisp Mint
(Crip Mint USA Mix)
52Marlboro Ice Blast    (Ice Blast USA Mix)52Hazelnut2Beer  
53Marlboro Light(Light USA Mix)53Humility  3Bomb Wine  
54Marlboro(USA Mix) top654Irish Cream4Brandy  
55Mayfair  (Mayfer)55Ketchup5Champagne  
56Mild Seven ( Gentle Seven)56Kiwi6Cherry Cola  
57Minty Marlboro(Mint USA Mix)57Lemon top387Chinese herbal tea  
58More58Lemon  Mix8Coca-Cola(K-Cola)  
59MS (ms)59Limet9Cocktail  
60Nes(Gitanes)60Litchi10Coconut Milk  
61Newport ( Goodport )61Litchi Mint11Coffee top30  
62Pall Mall(BRITISH TOBACCO)62Little Violet Sweeties12Cola top32  
63Parliament(Congress)63Lust             13Eggnog  
64Peace (Nice)64Mandarin14Fruit Punch  
65Peter Jackson (Peter Jack)65Mango top2615Grape Wine  
66Peter Stuyvesant(Peter St.)66Mango Mint16Green Apple Tea  
67Philip Morris (Philip Ms)67Marzipan17Ice Mint Mojito  
68Pink Spot (Pink Point)68Melon18Irish Coffee  
69prime 1569Melon Icy Mint19Martini  
70Prince (Infante )70Migua20Milk Tea  
71Red Marlboro(Red USA Mix)71Milk Chocolate21Mocha Coffee Latte  
72Salem (Salon)72Minty Chocolate22Mojito  
73Sampoerna (Triratna)73Minty Lemon23Monster   
74Seven Stars (Stars)74Orange24Pepsi Cola  (PS Cola)  
75Si Maidi 75Passion Fruit25Pina Colada  
76Silk Cut (Silk)76Passion Fruit Strawberry26Red Wine  
78State Express/555(Statex Red)78Peach28Sarsae  
79Sterling  (Sterl)79Peanut29Sherry  
80Surya Gudang Garam (Suyra)80Peanut Butter30Strawberry Daiquiri  
81Swagger (Swag )81Pear top4731Strawberry Margarita  
82Time  (Century )82Pineapple top4332Tic tac-Orange  
83Tribeca83Pistachio33Tonic Water  
84Tobacco(Toasted Tobacco)  Top184Plum34Vodka  
85Tom (Toms )   85Pomegranate top4135Whisky  
86Turbosmog (Turbo)86Pomegranate Icy Mint36White Coffee  
87Turkey (Classical Ty)87Pumpkin    
88Turkish Tobacco (Turkish Blend) top3188Raspberry top16    
89Virginia slims (Virginia menthol)89Raspberry Chocolate    
90Virginia(Virginia Blend) top2990Red Delicious Apple    
91West (Western )91Red Jujube    
92Winfield(field of wind)92Strawberry top8    
93Winston(Tobstone)93Strawberry Banana     
  94Strawberry Icy Mint    
  95Strawberry Kiwi    
  96Strawberry Mint    
  98Sugar Cookie    
  99Swedish Fish    
  103Tropicana(Tropical Fruits )    
  104Turkish Delight    
  105Tutti Fruit(Fruit Mix) top17    
  106Vanilla Orange    
  107Vanilla Sunrise    
  109Watermelon top11    
  110Watermelon Mint    
  111Watermelon Strawberry    
  112White Grape    
  115Los Fruittis    
  116Mango Smoothies    
  117Blackcurrant smoothies    
  118Powerful spirit    
  119Cola Smoothies    
  120Fruit Ninja    
  121Green Minions    
  122Lemon Soda    
  123The Daddy’s Pacifier    
  124The Frozen Romance    
  125The Master Artist    
  126Watermelon Bubble Gum