Feel High Temperature E-Liquid

Feel High Temperature E-Liquid
20ml Feel High Temperature Series
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Feel High Temperature E-Liquid

Heated sense with high temperatures, lingering smoke around the air, and combined with the rich taste of mixed flavors, FEELLiFE’s wonderland series, meet your "high" demand.


Secret Garden

Mix cinnamon with peach, fragrance in mellow taste


Mango with ice, it blends of cool and refreshing fragrance.


Apple meets cantaloupe, fresh crisp sweet, with a long thick

Forest Mist

Blackcurrant with ice, the taste is fresh, sweet and meaningful

Starry Night

Acai berry with mint, fresh sweet crisp vitality

Endless Horizon

Watermelon and mint, sweet, cool and refreshing


The ice in the coke, happy was saturated with spicy

Sunset Valley    

It is free with charming fragrance


Natural fruity, mellow sweet


Coffee runs into tobacco, mellow and exquisite taste

Moonlight Bay

Citric acid, scent refreshing


Fruit with cream and saturated with wine, for earned aftertaste

Indian Summer

Coffee with cream, mellow and sweet

Heaven's Gate

Fruit mixed with milk, fresh and sweet refrigerant, feel pleasant

Winter Poem

Winter berries, smooth and sweet, like a fantasy dream.